WNN Industries
"Creating Innovative Solutions for Your Business"
We are a leading tech firm offering Marketing & Sales, MSP|MSSP, Mobile & Desktop Applications, AI & Workflow Automations, and more. Our mission is to help small and mid-sized businesses grow and thrive. Explore our website & check out our newest partner Design Rush to learn more about them and find us listed as one of their top firms in the South East Region of the United States.
Our Story
When the pandemic hit, our Founder was at a crossroads and we saw an opportunity to help businesses with top-notch tech services. Our story is one of passion, grit, and a commitment to making a difference. Come see how we're supporting businesses through tough times.

The Mission

Our mission is to provide cutting-edge tech solutions that help businesses succeed. The Vision Our vision is to become a leading provider of tech services in the industry. Our Goal Our goal is to empower businesses with the most innovative and effective technologies for growth.

Divisions of WNN Industries
At WNN Industries, our diversified expertise spans across multiple cutting-edge sectors, enabling us to offer specialized services through our distinct divisions. Each division is designed to cater to specific needs in the dynamic business landscape, ensuring excellence and innovation at every turn.
AIEdge Marketing Agency
Our Marketing and Sales Firm division, AIEdge Marketing Agency, leverages the power of AI to redefine the marketing landscape. With a focus on delivering data-driven strategies and innovative marketing solutions, AIEdge Marketing Agency helps businesses gain a competitive edge, enhance their brand visibility, and achieve substantial growth in their market share.
NXTGen Data Security​
The IT/Cyber MSP division, NXTGen Data Security, is dedicated to safeguarding your digital assets against the ever-evolving cyber threats. Our comprehensive suite of cybersecurity services ensures that your data remains secure, your operations are uninterrupted, and your business is compliant with global data protection regulations. NXTGen Data Security is your frontline defense in the digital age.
NxtGen AI Studios
At the heart of our Software and Automation Development division, NxtGen AI Studios, lies a commitment to innovation and efficiency. Specializing in custom software solutions and automation systems, NxtGen AI Studios empowers businesses to streamline operations, increase productivity, and harness the full potential of digital transformation. From bespoke software to intelligent automation, we pave the way for your business's future success.
WNN Industries, through its specialized divisions, is poised to deliver unparalleled service, strategic solutions, and transformative technologies to our clients worldwide. Explore what we have to offer and let us be the driving force behind your next success story.
WNN Institute of Technology
The Education & Training division at WNN Industries, WNN Institute of Technology, is dedicated to empowering professionals by equipping them with critical IT skills. Our focus on CompTIA certifications ensures participants receive industry-recognized training in IT fundamentals, networking, cybersecurity, and more.
By combining expert instruction with practical, hands-on learning, we prepare individuals for success in the IT field and support continuous professional growth. Whether you're seeking to start a career in IT or enhance existing skills, WNN Institute of Technology provides the resources and guidance necessary to excel in today’s technology-driven world. Join us to advance your IT expertise and take your professional skills to the next level.
AIEdge Marketing Agency
Web Design
Create visually stunning websites that attract and engage your target audience.
Social Media Marketing
Maximize your online presence and reach customers through strategic social media campaigns.
Lead Generation Software
Capture high-quality leads and convert them into paying customers with our advanced software solutions.
Appointment Setting & Deal Closing
Supercharge your sales process with our expert team to generate appointments and close deals faster.
NXTGen Data Security


Help Desk
24x7 technical support to keep your operations running smoothly.


Data Backup & Recovery
Protect your valuable data from unexpected loss and minimize downtime with our reliable backup and recovery solutions.


Remote Network Management & Security
Ensure the security and efficiency of your network infrastructure with our remote monitoring and management services.


Cloud Services & Management
Harness the power of the cloud to drive scalability, agility, and cost-efficiency for your business.
NxtGen AI Studios
Mobile Apps
Develop functional and intuitive mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms.
Workflow Automation Development
Streamline your business processes by automating repetitive tasks, saving time and minimizing errors.
Desktop Apps
Build robust desktop applications that enhance productivity and offer seamless user experiences.
AI Assistant Development
Create intelligent virtual assistants powered by cutting-edge AI technology to automate and enhance customer interactions.
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