AI Powered Lead Generation Software
WNN Industries offers a comprehensive AI-powered platform for lead generation and prospecting, designed to quickly identify and verify contact information for ideal clients in real time. This platform streamlines the client acquisition process, making it faster and more efficient to connect with the right clients. It combines various tools for searching, connecting, and closing deals, allowing users to focus more on selling and less on list building. Features include a prospect search engine, AI writing assistant, website analytics audit, social media profile insights, data enrichment, and unlimited integrations, catering to over 2,500 satisfied customers worldwide.
Features and Benefits
Real-Time Data Verification
The tool offers immediate validation of potential client details, ensuring that the data gathered is accurate and up-to-date for effective targeting.
AI-Driven Prospecting
Utilizes advanced AI algorithms to identify and connect with ideal clients, enhancing the precision and efficiency of lead generation strategies.
User-Friendly Interface
Designed for ease of use, the platform enables businesses of all sizes to effortlessly integrate and manage their lead generation activities, saving time and resources.
Using our Tool
Audience Segmentation
This allows for the categorization of potential clients into distinct groups based on specific criteria. This feature aids in delivering tailored content to diverse customer segments, enhancing engagement and response rates.
CRM Integration
The platform ensures a smooth incorporation with your current CRM systems. This integration streamlines lead management and fortifies customer relationship strategies, creating a unified workflow.
Dashboard Interface
The suite provides an intuitive and interactive dashboard. This tool enables real-time tracking of lead generation efforts and the measurement of campaign performance, offering insightful data for strategic decision-making
Three Monthly Tier Plans


Perfect for emerging businesses aiming to establish their market presence, the Bronze Start-Up Plan offers 1,000 leads per month. This package is designed to help startups and small enterprises initiate their lead generation journey, providing enough contacts to start building meaningful connections without overwhelming resources.


Designed for growing companies ready to expand their outreach, the Silver Mid Sized Plan provides 2,000 leads per month. It's ideal for businesses that have a foundational customer base but aim to accelerate growth and increase market share through targeted lead generation strategies.


The Gold Enterprise Plan is tailored for large organizations seeking a comprehensive lead acquisition solution, offering 5,000 leads per month. This package supports extensive marketing campaigns and sales initiatives, providing an abundant flow of leads to sustain and expand a substantial market presence.


If you're not ready to buy feel free to schedule a One on One demo with us so we can so you the platform and answer any questions you may have.